• As of v5 of the plugin the minimum spigot version required is 1.17

  • 1.17 & 1.17.1 require Java 16

  • 1.18 & 1.18.1 require Java 17

  • If you are getting older versions of the plugin then those versions are labeled for the spigot version used and they all use Java 8

How to compile the plugin yourself

Compiling the plugin is VERY easy, you can run the maven command mvn clean install -f pom.xml -Denv.BUILD_NUMBER={build} -Denv.JOB_NAME={job}

{build} = The build number you want as the version (e.g 1000 = 5.0-BUILD-1000)

{job} = This can be set to what you want its mostly used by the update checker (e.g SimplePets_v5)

How to install the plugin

  • Download the plugin off the spigot site (or from the JENKINS site) (Make sure you have the correct jar file for your servers version)

  • Once you have the Simple Pets jar file for your version, simply drag and drop it into your servers plugins folder

  • RESTART your server (DO NOT RELOAD)

  • You can then configure the different config files to your liking, Once that is done then you can either run the /pet reload command or RESTART the server again

Where can I get support?

We currently have quite a few areas were you can receive support or find out information Our primary support center is on our DISCORD server You can also open a GITHUB ISSUE and we will take a look at it

If you don't have a GITHUB or DISCORD account then you can leave us a message on spigot [This is if you want slow support as we don't check spigot a lot]

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