Major changes to v5

This page will show all the new features and changes that have been made for v5 of SimplePets. Especially if you are updating from v4


SimplePets v5 has been completely re-coded from the ground up, only a select few bits and pieces of code remain untouched. Since it was re-coded I was able to add some neat features that I could not add due to the code structure of current versions
Multiple Pets
Pet Data
Thanks to re-coding the plugin I was finally able to add a long time request, and that was to be allowed to have multiple pets spawned at the same time.
The limit of how many pets a player can have can be modified in the config.yml file as shown below.
# The maximum number of pets a player can spawn at a time.
# This can be overridden using pet.amount.<Number>, e.g. pet.amount.1 to only allow 1 at once.
# Default: 3
pet-spawn-limit: 3
So addons are something new we are trying with SimplePets. The goal of addons is to mainly help minimize the number of external plugins we link into, but there are of course many more reasons... Like new small features that other developers can code (Example: Pet Weights or maybe a leveling system), we can also say that this will help us find issues with certain plugin linkages, and last but not least other developers can make an addon that could link into their own plugin.
Addons can be installed via the IN-GAME installer [INSTRUCTIONS HERE]
The addons can also be downloaded from the Addon Site and added to the plugins/SimplePets/Addons/ folder on your server (restart would be required)
Thanks to the re-code I was able to make it so you can customize the default value for pets (Example: age)
I have also added a few new data items for some pets like the Ravager, Zoglin/Hoglin, Bee, Fox, Enderman (Can now hold blocks, can only be set via /pet modify), and a few others.
Pets that can have their size changed (Example: Slime/MagmaCube/Phantom) can now have custom sizes added to their list of items (the ones viewed in the GUI), this can be done by simply copying one of the size items in the pets JSON file then change the values (If the data is not formatted correctly or has an issue it will default to ?)

Pet Renaming

In the past you could only rename a pet via CHAT or the ANVIL GUI (or if you were advanced the /pet modify command)
A total of 4 different ways to change your pets name were added, and those are CHAT, ANVIL, SIGN (Requires ProtocolLIB), and the command /pet rename <type> <name>
This can be changed in the config.yml file
# How should the player be able to modify their pets name?
# Types:
# - COMMAND (They have to use the '/pet rename' command to set the name)
# - CHAT (They have to type the name in chat)
# - ANVIL (The Anvil GUI will open and they can change the name there)
# - SIGN [REQUIRES ProtocolLib] (Will open a Sign GUI they input the name on the configured line)
# Default: ANVIL

HEX Chat Colors

With the re-code of SimplePets, we were able to make it so HEX color codes could be used along with regular color codes.
The formatting for HEX color codes is setup like this: &#FFFFFF
Example Usage: "&7Hey have you said &#e93b19Hello &#e99919World yet?"

Customization of the Sign GUI

You can change what line the player has to use for inputting the pets name, This can be simply done by moving the {input} placeholder to one of the 4 lines.
  • HEX Color Codes can NOT be used for the sign GUI
  • MUST have 4 lines
  • One line MUST have the {input} placeholder
# The text that will be set for the sign
# - One line MUST have {input} to mark what line the player types the pets name
# - Hex colors can NOT be used for this
# - MUST have 4 lines
- '{input}'
- '&l^^^^^^^^'
- '&9&lPlease Enter'
- '&9&lPet Name'