Rename Command

This command players are given access to by DEFAULT

What does this command do?

Running this command will allow the player to change what their pets name is

Command Usage



Usage: /pet rename [player] <type> [name]

Usage Descriptions


/pet rename <type> [name]

This command will (depending on the config option) open a GUI that will allow the player to rename the targeted pet type Example: /pet rename cow Example: /pet rename cow MooMoo (Will only work if the rename type is set to COMMAND)

/pet rename [player] <type> [name]

This command will change the targeted players pet to have the new custom name (bypasses the RenameType) Example: /pet rename Steve cow MooMoo


Permission NodeDescription


Grants the player access to run /pet rename


Grants the player access to change other players pet name via /pet rename

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