Debug Command

This command is considered an ADMIN ONLY command Ordinary players should NOT be given access to this command

What does this command do?

This command will generate a debug link, This link is mostly used when reporting bugs on either Discord or Github and will help us with answering key questions we ask.

The data that this collects in this link is:

Server Information
  • Java Version

  • Server Type

  • Server Version

  • NMS Version

  • SimplePets Version

Installed Addons
  • Addon Names

  • Addon Versions

  • Addon Authors

Installed Plugins
  • Plugin Name

  • Plugin Version


Yes we get a copy of your config file, Do not worry as the key info like MySQL login is HIDDEN from this copy.

This helps us to make sure your config settings are not an issue.

If you do not want to send us your config then just modify the debug information to remove the line where the config is at

Debug Information

The debug we collect are the internal messages the plugin sends either to itself or in your console (If Debug is enabled)

Misc Information

The last bit of information we collect is sort of random like:

  • Jenkins (Current build, number of builds behind compared to Jenkins)

  • Was your server reloaded?

  • If you have the "block-plugin-spawning" enabled in the WorldGuard config

Command Usage



Usage: /pet debug


Permission NodeDescription


Grants the player access to run /pet debug

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