How to make an addon

This page is not complete, More will be added soon

This is not a tutorial on how to make an addon, as that would require teaching how to code Java. Instead this focuses on developers who already know how to make plugins


  • For SimplePets addons you must use a minimum of Java 16 for your development environments

  • The SimplePets API module SEE BELOW

  • BSLib [Optional]


For the sake of the example I will be using maven When developing an addon you need the SimplePets API You are able to get that 2 ways by either using the SimplePets-API.jar file on the Jenkins server or you could use Maven

Maven Repository


Pet API Dependency

This must NOT be shaded, it WILL throw an error when you try to test it.

    <version><!-- INSERT THE LATEST VERSION --></version>

BSLib Dependency

    <version><!-- INSERT THE LATEST VERSION --></version>

Just a note: If you use BSLib it MUST be shaded into the jar file

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