List of frequently asked questions we receive

Will the Ender Dragon be added to the plugin?

I personally wont be adding it to the plugin but if someone else adds it via GitHub Pull Request it might be another story

What version should I use for my server?

It depends on what version your server is running. Minecraft Version:

SimplePets v4

For people who are a dinosaur and don't update:

My pets are not spawning, I get an error message.

If you are getting the image below It could be a multitude of reasons

  • The first thing you can do to diagnose the issue is try putting your mouse over this message, Majority of the time there is a 'hidden' message explaining why. For example the error you would get with the PlotSquaredAddon would be "You are missing the {permission} permission"

  • If you are using WorldGuard then there is a setting in their config you can check. The config option you have to look for is 'block-plugin-spawning' in the 'mobs' section

    block-plugin-spawning: true # Change this to false then restart your server
  • If you are getting a big error when you try to spawn a pet, then chances are you are not using the right version of SimplePets on your server. For example this can occur when you are using MC 1.17.1 but downloaded the SimplePets-1.17.jar instead, to fix this simply download the SimplePets jar file for your servers MC version.

My World Guard flags do not seem to be working!

There could be a major reason for this, in v5 of SimplePets we split all external plugin links into their own addons.

What you could do is make sure you have the World Guard addon installed on your server (Check /pet addon)

If the addon is not installed you can follow the steps listed HERE

My players do not have permission for the /pet gui command!

There is 2 ways you can fix this:

  1. Give the player(s) a permission for any pet

  2. Go into the config.yml file and make sure Needs-Pet-Permission-for-GUI is set to false, This will allow players to open the GUI regardless of what pet(s) they have permission to.

  # Enabling this would require players to have access to at least 1 pets permission
  # Default: false
  Needs-Pet-Permission-for-GUI: false 
  # Make sure this is false if you went the second option

My players see a blank GUI when they run the /pet gui command!

There is 3 ways you can fix this:

  1. Give the player(s) a permission for any pet

  2. Give the player(s) a pet via the /pet purchased command

  3. Go into the config.yml and set Only-Show-Pets-Player-Can-Access to false, This will allow the players to see all the pets enabled and available for use.

  # Enabling this would remove all the pets the player does not have access to from the GUI
  # Default: true
  Only-Show-Pets-Player-Can-Access: true # Set this to false if option 3

Can the Sign GUI for renaming be customized?

Yes the sign GUI can be customized, have a look at THIS section for information

How can I disable certain pets?

You are able to disable what ever pet you want, that can be done by simply changing one line in the pets json file!

  1. Open the pets json file "plugins/SimplePets/Pets/<type>.json"

  2. Change line that is "enabled":true to be "enabled":false

How can I set defaults for pets? (Like Age)

This can be done by modifying the pets json file "plugins/SimplePets/Pets/<type>.json".

This is an example of what line you can modify for a pet to be a baby/adult when they are spawned by default. Some data toggles can be numbers or text just depends on what values are listed for that bit of data.

Using the example below the "baby" data could have a value of either true or false, so that is what we would put on the line named "default"

  "data": {
    "baby": {
      "enabled": true,
      "default": false, <- This line can be changed to be any of the values below
      "values": {
        "true": {
          "material": "WHEAT",
          "name": "&#C8C8C8Baby: &atrue"
        "false": {
          "material": "WHEAT",
          "name": "&#C8C8C8Baby: &cfalse"

My pet vanishes after a while, usually when I'm afk for a bit.

This is caused because by default the "AutoRemove" feature is enabled, This can either be disabled or the time that it takes for the auto-removal can be increased.

How to change the time

The time for the "AutoRemove" is in ticks (20 ticks is equal to 1 second), by default the time is set for 10000 ticks and that would be around 8 minutes 20 seconds.

If you want to change the delay you can use this bit of math: 20 x (seconds)

Example: say you want pets to be removed after 35 minutes, First figure out how many seconds that would be (35 x 60 = 2,100). Once we have the total number of seconds that is in 35 minutes, We can then convert the seconds to Ticks (2,100 x 20 = 42,000) So we would set the "TickDelay" to 42000.

Alternatively you could use a Tick Calculator

  # Disabling this will make it so pets wont be automatically removed if the player is afk
  # Default: true
  enabled: true
  # What should the wait be?
  # This is in ticks (20 ticks = 1 second)
  # Example: 10000 ≈ 8 minutes 20 seconds
  # Default: 10000
  tick-delay: 10000

How can I give pets as rewards from crates/voting?

You should be able to give pets a few different ways.

  • The best choice would be to use permissions, as that is the easiest way to do it. All the permissions for pets can be found HERE

  • The second way is to use the PURCHASED PETS command Currently they still need access to the pet permission at least until we finish coding in the config option "Utilize-Purchased-Pets"

How can I make it so the Armor Stand has items when it spawns?

Currently as of February 22nd the only way to achieve this is via the summon/modify commands. Example Format: {id:"minecraft:stick",tag:{CustomModelData:123}}

  • How to use this when summoning the Armor Stand Pet /pet summon armor_stand {items:{head:{id:"minecraft:stick",tag:{CustomModelData:123}}}}

  • How to use this when modifying an existing Armor Stand Pet /pet modify Steve armor_stand {items:{left_arm:{id:"minecraft:stick",tag:{CustomModelData:123}}}}

How can I use the commands section in any of the pet json files?

If you would like to see more information CLICK HERE

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